About Biram Svets & Montage HB.

Biram Svets & Montage HB was established 1981 by Ingvar Kristensson. We are located in Söndrums industrial area in Halmstad Sweden where we have a workshop of 800 sq.m which is equipped with a overhead crane, fully equipped workshop with welding and other workshops equipment. We have our own staff and a network consisting by very good craftsmen, that each one mastered their field in full. We manufactures complete screw conveyors in all dimensions at our workshop in Halmstad. We perform service on biofuel plants incl. peripheral equipment of any boiler and furnaces manufacturers such as Jernforsen Energy System, Wiess A/S, Saxlund AB, Kmw Energy etc. and we have the most spare parts for Ånga & värme AB and Opti Energy AB biofuel plants.

Ingvar Kristensson